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For everybody who is inside electronics by hobby or by professional involvement.

If you need further information before to buy feel free to contact me by Contact us link.

The PSE-20 with 1 USB microscope, at the moment is available at a super price. The price is shipping excluded:   

410 € .



The PSE-20-2M with 2 USB microscopes at the moment is available at a super price. The price is shipping excluded:   

460 € .



The PSE-20-AV with 2 AV microscopes and 9 inch TFT AV display with 2 input channels The price is shipping excluded:   

550 € .



The PSE-22-2M equipped with 5 stepper motors, controllable by GAME-PAD, 2 USB microscopes. Special offer. The price is shipping excluded:   

788 € .



The PSE-22-AV equipped with 5 stepper motors, controllable by GAME-PAD, 2 AV microscopes + one 9" TFT AV monitor with 2 input AV channels Special offer. The price is shipping excluded:   

878 € .



The PSE-22 upgrade KIT (KIT-22) for PSE-20. It turns your manual PSE-20 machine into an automated machine controllable by gamepad and centroids files. The price is shipping excluded:
Before to buy check that the metal stylus (the one to which the needle is connected) is long about 18cm (7.09 inches)   

400 € .



The PSE-3000. OpenPNP Pick & Place machine. The price for the PSE-3000 is shipping included

2000 € .
1800 € .
Shipping included

Other accessories

Automatic Feeders For the PSE-3000. You can choose between 8-12-16 mm. The 8mm has comes with 3 slots, the 12 and 16 with 2 slots 54 €
Plastic Feeders The base is magnetic. They come in these sizes: 8-12-16-24 mm. 2 slots each. 12 €
Aluminum X Bars If you want to have the 3 50cm X bars added to the KIT-22 (the PSE-20 has 37cm X bars) 15 €
Block X If you bought the PSE-20 before October 10th 2022 and you want to buy the KIT-22 but you are not in the mood to drill holes... Blocks Y requires just 1 hole each. 35 €
Block X + 2 Blocks Y Same as above... 50 €
Rack 8mm Slots If you need some racks. Adjustments on the shipping price may be needed... PICTURE 12 €
New Pump This is more efficient, powerful and quiet compared to the old pump.. it fixes the problem of electromagnetic interferences too strong for the PSE-22... PICTURE 40 €
Pedal The pedal with the double electro-valve system is ideal but not indispensable for the upgrade by KIT-22 PICTURE 20 €
USB HUB The PSE-22-2M needs 4 USB ports (2 USB microscopes, 1 gamepad, 1 Arduino shield) + 1 for the mouse. If you don't have a HUB, this works quite well. PICTURE 10 €
Laser module 5.5 watts real otput optical power + laser support for PSE-22 PICTURE 100 €

Shipping will be quoted according to the country of destination and to the method

I'm trying to keep the prices stable , but i have to convert from Chinese RMB,
because China is where i live and where i buy the materials.



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