What a F.A.Q.





Jb MINI logo







Suggested setting for new pilot

Yes, I suggest to disable the sinking tone (otherwise it will confuse you) and to set the climbing threshold to +0.3 m/sec. because if you are a new pilot it is improbable that you will be able to turn inside a +0.1. Check the manual to change the setting.



The name Jb and the logo...

Jb stands for Just Beep… because it’s all I wanted in the beginning… But turned out to be more… especially for the possibility of setting it without any computer. I’m prototyping another vario with LCD and I’ll call it Jb + ;-) About the logo I was thinking about how could a beep looks from a graphical point of view. In my mind it looks like this



Jb MINI is beeping at home, is it broken?

For every meter going up there is a drop of pressure of about 0.12 mbar. The Jb MINI is sensitive to 0.1 meter of variation. It means it is sensitive to variation of pressure of 0.012 mbar. So no matter the number of filter I implemented the instrument will detect these variations. If you turn on the instrument inside your room it could sometime beep, because tiny variations of pressure normally occur. For example a gust of wind could increase the pressure in your room… or a door opening in the house, or the fan in the kitchen switching on... so don’t worry it is absolutely normal. When you will fly the speed of the air normalize the pressure on the sensor… If for you the threshold of 0.1 m/sec. is too sensitive just set to a higher value… I have friend who fly with the climbing threshold set to +0.3 m/sec.



Programming-tweaking-hacking Jb MINI

If you know how to program yes! And yes! There is an SPI port on the PCB. I’ll put details in the tweaks page later on…



No light from the LED trying to charge

It may be that you are using a micro-USB cable with a very short plug; try another cable with a longer plug.



Battery charged, LED turns green not blue...

It is ok, it depends just only on the LED i had available at that moments. On some is blue on other is green.



What is the initial jingle?

I don’t have idea… When I was about 14 in the first year of high school we had 2 hours a week of physical exercise… Our teacher was Paolone (Big Paul). A huge old man who when he was young was an athletic champion… Before the second world war he was rewarded by Mussolini after winning a sort of soldiers competition: 100 mt carrying a backpack of 30 kg… He could run with 30kg on his back in 12.0 seconds… Well if you have idea of what it means… I think not even today there are men able to be so fast carrying 30kg…

However what this has to do with the jingle? When I was young I was quite a good runner… so he trained me for a while in the afternoons… he was always used to tell me: you have to learn to accept the pain… and then I had to run again and again and again… Before the starting he was used to whistle that jingle, and then bang, i had to run… After 33 years that jingle is still in my mind… so I found the frequencies corresponding to the notes and I programmed them inside the microcontroller to play after the calibration is completed…

I think the teaching of: you have to learn to accept the pain signed many parts of my life… you have a target and you push till you got… no matter the pain… But unfortunately It is not always a healthy practice…