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Here you can find User Manuals, Firmwares and answers to common questions for all the instruments...





Jb MINI Available HELP
Jb-L20 Available HELP
Jb G Designing Phase /


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To start a 360° Object VR click on this picture. Drag up or down to see Jb MINI standing up or laying down. Drag left or right to change the angle of view.






Jb MINI - size and weight 2 buttons for all the settings A light cockpit
Inside the shell Inside the shell What's in the box




Analogical variometer. Cyan, one of many colors 2 of the new colors, fluorescent orange and deep purple. Here you can see the 2 main display layout: to the right OLD GUY MODE (bigger numbers). Backlight is on.
Our Green. A Velcro strap for the riser and a piece of adhesive Velcro are provided The tin case packaging is a perfect fit for the Jb-L20. Both are small. The main menu, selected OLDGUY.

The lightest, only 30 grams LiPo battery included...      Jb MINI     























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